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3D Printing Meets Montblanc Pen

When was the last time you wrote a handwritten note? Now, there’s a robot for that.

Thanks to Bond‘s robots, writing a note is indeed as easy as shooting off an email. First, submit a handwriting sample online. Next, the Bond software studies it to identify how you write each letter of the alphabet. You can then choose a blank card from the Bond website, and send in the typed text you want to appear in the space. Finally, one of 11 Bond robots will write the text in the card with a Montblanc pen controlled by a MakerBot 3D printer, which will subsequently be mailed. Of course, you can also choose a different handwriting from your own.

“We made a strategic decision to focus on building handwritten note technology, because it was most core to our goal of helping people articulate the appreciation of their relationship.” – Sonny Caberwal, Founder of Bond.

By imitating human handwriting using fluid movements and differing pressures to make the cursive look authentic, Bond is really bringing together the power of the written word and technology. Unlike other services, the final result isn’t digitized. The robot literally pens the words for you.

Right now, the bulk of Bond’s orders come from businesses. Think about it: in a 10-hour day, each of the 11 Bond robots can produce 500-700 notes.

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